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Chingari Trust Candlelight Vigil at 30th Anniversary of Bhopal Disaster. Photos: Colin Toogood CLICK HERE to VIEW GALLERY


30th Anniversary, Parade to Burn Dow/ Carbide Logos. Photos: Colin Toogood VIEW GALLERY


Oria Busti School. Photos: Colin Toogood VIEW GALLERY


Jack Laurenson in Bhopal. Photos: Jack Laurenson VIEW GALLERY


Mothers & Children at the Chingari Trust Rehabilitation Centre. Photos: Alex Masi VIEW GALLERY


Union Carbide Factory, Bhopal. Photos: Julia Green, January 2014 VIEW GALLERY


28 years On. Photos: Giles Clarke VIEW GALLERY

28 Years On. Pictures by Giles Clarke


29th Anniversary Bhopal Disaster Burning The Dow Monster Effigy. Photos: Colin Toogood VIEW GALLERY

29th Anniversary Bhopal Disaster Burning The Dow Monster Effigy. Photos: Colin Toogood


28th Anniversary BGPNPBSM (Pensions Union) Rally. Photos: Colin Toogood VIEW GALLERY

28th Anniversary Chingari Trust Rally. Photos: Colin Toogood










On the 28th anniversary of the Bhopal Disaster the BGPNPBSM, representing the survivors rights to a pension, held a protest rally and burned an five-headed effigy designed to represent US corporate figures responsible for the disaster in Bhopal, along with Indain Government officials, and to protest the continued lack of justice.



Chingari Trust Rehabilitation Centre Activities. Photos: Barrie Watts VIEW GALLERY

Chingari Trust  Activities, Barrie Watts, January 2014







 The children are brought here by their families for help with physiotherapy, occupational and speech therapy and other treatments. Even though they play and appear to be happy they will rarely recover from their illnesses. Their lives will be short and often painful. These children are a part of the legacy of Union Carbide in Bhopal. Created by the 2004 Goldman Environmental Award winners Rashida Bee and Champa Devi Shukla, the Chingari Trust is a non-political, non-profit organization committed to protecting the survivors of the 1984 Union Carbide Gas Disaster in Bhopal along with the local communities that are affected by the continuous industrial hazards present as a result of the abandoned Union Carbide factory (now wholly owned by Dow Chemical Corporation). The Chingari Trust Rehabilitation Centre helps children born with mental or physical disabilities as a result of their parents’ exposure to either the toxic gas of the 1984 Bhopal Disaster or to the contaminated water still found in the area.



Bhopal A Year Later. Photos: Martin Stott VIEW GALLERY

One Year After the Disaster in Bhopal







Photos taken very early in 1986 by Martin Stott showing the Union Carbide factory along with some of the earliest protests.



Art For Bhopal, Water Pots. Photos: Sylvain Deleu VIEW GALLERY

Art for Bhopal- WATER POTS


25 unique pieces of contemporary art based on a stainless steel ‘matkas’ water carrying pot from India.

Anish Kapoor; Antony Gormley; Barry Reigate; Conrad Shawcross; Gary Hume; Gavin Turk; Harland Miller; Jason Brooks; Keith Coventry; Langlands and Bell; Marc Quinn; Mat Collishaw; Mona Hatoum; Patrick Hughes; Paul Fryer; Polly Morgan; Pure Evil; Simon Periton; Sir Peter Blake; Stephen Webster; Subodh Gupta; The Chapman Brothers; Tim Noble and Sue Webster; Tracey Emin; Yinka Shonibare MBE

All sold at a special auction hosted by Phillips de Pury, in London, 11th October 2010




London 10K 2015 VIEW GALLERY

London 10K 2015















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"As an example of a holistic, environmentally-sound, community-focused and patient-centred approach to healthcare, the Sambhavna Clinic is way ahead of anything I have ever visited or worked in, anywhere in the world."

Dr John Hurst, Senior Lecturer, Honorary Consultant, UCL Medical School / Royal Free Hampstead NHS, London