Summons From Bhopal Chief Judicial Magistrate Direct to Dow Chemical

Dow Chemical criminal case

Wanted! The Chemical Brothers. Union Carbide has never answered the outstanding criminal charges.

A notice from the Bhopal Chief Judicial Magistrate has been sent directly to Dow Chemical, by email, requiring Dow’s Corporate Secretary, Ms. Amy Wilson, to attend court on February 13, 2017.

Ms. Wilson will be required to explain why Dow’s wholly owned subsidiary, the Union Carbide Corporation, has repeatedly ignored court summons to face the criminal charges outstanding against it.

Representatives of Bhopal Group for Information & Action, whose application in the court led to today’s order, said that: “Serving notice through email will obviate the cooperation of the US Department of Justice… because of the non-cooperation of the Department of Justice of the US government, four notices issued by the Bhopal District Court in the last two and half years were not served on Dow Chemical.

“As per today’s order, the notice will be sent by the Bhopal Court to Amy Wilson, corporate secretary of Dow Chemical company and Dow is expected to appear before the Chief Judicial Magistrate’s Court on 13th February 2017.”

The organizations expressed hope that the order will clear the path for Union Carbide’s appearance, trial and conviction for causing the world’s worst industrial disaster.

Further details on Dow’s Bhopal-related legal liabilities: CLICK





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