Run The Brighton Marathon. FREE Places!

Brighton Marathon FREE places

The Brighton Marathon is quickly becoming one of the highlights of the running calendar. Set within the historic and stunning areas of Brighton and Hove, this marathon allows you the chance to take in some amazing sights while you compete.

During the run you will see the renowned Preston Park, the iconic Royal Pavillion, The Brighton Marina, The Brighton Eye, the pier, Hove lagoon and so many more sights. The run to the finish takes you right along the beautiful seafront, from Shoreham, and helps make this a fast course overall.

Unlike other charities we do not charge you to enter the marathon, we believe that the hard work you put into both your training and fundraising is more than enough effort! We just ask that you raise a minimum in sponsorship of £400 for this event.

If you would like to sign up or just have a few questions about the event then please email

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