Dow’s Black Planet. Ethecon in Michigan and on to Texas


Ethecon Activists from Germany and Texas Groups Present International Black Planet Award to Dow Chemical

The International Black Planet Award for Dow Chemical, which highlights the harm inflicted by the multinational chemical company on our planet, will be presented by German activists from ethecon, along with supporters from Texas, outside the Dow Chemical Company facility on Enclave Parkway, Houston, Texas, December 8 (Thursday) at 1PM.

Ethecon activists have traveled from Germany to present the board members and major shareholders of Dow Chemical with the International Black Planet Award. The presentation in Houston has been preceded by actions in New York and Dow’s corporate headquarters in Midland, Michigan. The German activists and Texas supporters Code Pink, Texas Injured Workers, San Antonio Bay Waterkeepers, Calhoun County Resource Watch, and other Houston activists will hold a vigil and a press conference at the Dow Chemical facility.

The core demands of the activists are: Appropriate compensation of the victims, ensuring the necessary medical care of the victims as well as the clean up of the contaminated areas in Bhopal. There will be a live transmission of the Houston action to demonstrators in Bhopal India where many thousands have been protesting over the period of the 32nd anniversary of the disaster..


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