Give in Celebration

Give in celebrationWhatever event you are celebrating, asking friends, family or guests to contribute a small donation to the Bhopal Medical Appeal is a great way of showing your support for the charity and those suffering in Bhopal.

In lieu of gifts from a birthday you could ask your friends and family to make donations to the Bhopal Medical Appeal. We have even had people donate to us in lieu of anniversary and wedding presents.

How to give in Celebration

You can set up a JustGiving page for your celebration and ask friends and family to make a donation rather than buying you gifts.

Or if you are planning on making a donation to us on behalf of someone else for their birthday, let us know and we can send the recipient a thank you card with our birthday wishes.

If you would like to find out more about fundraising on your special day, please do contact us. We would love to chat to you and are more than happy to provide you with information and materials for you to distribute to those you are celebrating with.



"As an example of a holistic, environmentally-sound, community-focused and patient-centred approach to healthcare, the Sambhavna Clinic is way ahead of anything I have ever visited or worked in, anywhere in the world."

Dr John Hurst, Senior Lecturer, Honorary Consultant, UCL Medical School / Royal Free Hampstead NHS, London