Congratulations BMA Hackney Half Marathon Running Team


Congratulations go to our running team for tackling the Hackney Half Marathon in the blistering heat of yesterday in London. Just finishing the course, in conditions like that, is an achievement in itself but our runners managed decent times despite the heat.

As has been the tradition after the London 10K, for some years now, we hosted a post-race picnic for the runners but this time down at the east end of Victoria Park, in Hackney Wick. Viccy Park, as it’s locally known, is almost adjacent to the Olympic Park and the Hackney Half course runs along the easternmost edge of it.

Our thanks go to all of the runners and to ‘Mo’, from the Al-Amin curry house, for all of his help with the picnic.

Please contact us if you’d like to run this year’s London 10k. It takes place on Sunday 10th July and, as ever, will be followed by the picnic in Hyde Park.

Runners times (those available on the Hackney Half website):

Alasdair Dixon 1:49:20

Cheryl Dyson 2:29:54

Julian Ramsden 1:52:58

Mark Lyons 1:49:21

Matthew Fawl 1:49:21

Nas Karim 2:29:46

Ryan Frood 2:02:00

DSC_0007 72dpi

RW Invest point out the gap where Nas should have been!

DSC_0014 72dpi DSC_0009 72dpi   DSC_0013 72dpi  DSC_0012 72dpi  DSC_0011 72dpi

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