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Indian Environment Ministry ‘Red Flags’ UNEP Contamination Assessment Offer

An offer from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to perform a comprehensive assessment of the depth and spread of contaminants in and around the abandoned Union Carbide factory in Bhopal has been ‘red-flagged’ by the Indian government. UNEP has indicated its willingness to perform this unprecedented assessment but the formal process requires that the […]

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Bhopal Survivors congratulate Aam Aadami Party for victory in Delhi elections.

Bhopal Survivors congratulate Aam Aadami Party for victory in Delhi elections. Neither the current ruling party the BJP nor Congress, the previous incumbent, seem to have served the interests of the survivors at all well and the Aam Aadami Party is seen as a potential game-changer. A press statement from the combined survivors’ organisations: At […]

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Obama fails to speak up for Bhopal

“The failure of President Obama to speak up will embolden US-based companies to ignore accountability for their involvement in human rights abuses.” Amnesty International. ‘A U.S. company failing to comply with legitimate court order should be explained.’ ‘On the eve of President Obama’s trip to India to be the chief guest of India’s Republic Day […]

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More Pressure on Obama to Address Bhopal With Modi. Demonstration Planned in Washington DC

On Friday January 23rd, 2015 there will be a rally in front of the White House at 4:00pm. Amnesty International, the International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal, and other organizations will be asking that President Obama address Bhopal with Indian Prime Minister Modi, as a priority during their upcoming meeting. If you cannot attend PLEASE […]

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Amnesty International Asks Barack Obama To Discuss Bhopal Disaster With Narendra Modi

Amnesty International USA Chief of Staff, Margaret Huang said in a letter to Obama, dated January 12th: “I strongly urge you to discuss this issue with Prime Minister Modi and issue a joint statement addressing the steps that will be taken to clean up the site, treat survivors’ ongoing health problems and ensure those responsible […]

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We believe Dow & DuPont must finally accept responsibility for Bhopal. Until then, The Bhopal Medical Appeal funds two award-winning clinics in the city. Both offer free, first-class care to victims of the gas disaster or the ongoing water contamination. The survivors have nowhere else left to turn – please help if you can.