Amnesty International Asks Barack Obama To Discuss Bhopal Disaster With Narendra Modi


Amnesty International USA Chief of Staff, Margaret Huang said in a letter to Obama, dated January 12th:

“I strongly urge you to discuss this issue with Prime Minister Modi and issue a joint statement addressing the steps that will be taken to clean up the site, treat survivors’ ongoing health problems and ensure those responsible for the disaster are held accountable,”

“Mr President, we urge you and Prime Minister Modi to announce a joint initiative by your governments to immediately begin a comprehensive clean-up of the contaminated site. We strongly urge you to ensure that Dow responds to the court summons and appears before the court in India,”

Obama is visiting India New Delhi as a Republic Day chief guest on January 26th.

We, at the Bhopal Medical Appeal, would like to see Obama seek a final resolution of the Bhopal Disaster with a similar vigour to that with which he pursued BP after the Deepwater Horizon disaster of 2010. Dow Chemical continues to shield Union Carbide from criminal charges pertaining to the Bhopal Disaster and Obama must force these corporations to attend the courts.

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