2018 Bhopal Photo Calendar. Proceeds to Bhopal Medical Appeal

‘Jordi i Montse’, two Spanish photographers travelled to Bhopal in the run-up to the 30th anniversary. Their work was published in, among other places, leading Catalan magazine ARA Diumenge. Now, some of this stunning work is available in a calendar for 2018, with the proceeds to benefit the Bhopal Medical Appeal.

Please scroll down to view sample pages of this striking calendar.

Calendar dimensions: 40 x 25cm (15.75 x 9.84 in), 14 pages. Good quality print and paper. All calendars wiil be packed with individual transparent film for protection.

Price: 25 euros plus postage (cost dependent on location).

Enquiries, contact: info@arrufat.net

‘As photographers and journalists we always look for stories that people might not know, unfair situations that need explaining and need redress. We travel around the world and speak with the protagonists, get to know the witnesses, and live a little of the situation we want to explain. India has always been one of our favorite countries whether it be to tell the sad story of the widows of Vrindavan, the mysticism of the feast of Kumbha Mela, or the  Ujain Hindu Pilgrimage.

‘Three years ago we decided to look back at what happened in Bhopal in 1984. We heard about the tragedy of Union Carbide’s gas disaster over 25 years ago, and the story was forever recorded in our memory. To examine the topic we initially contacted the Bhopal Medical Appeal, who directed us to the Sambhavna Trust Clinic but, when we arrived at the city, the reality of situation simply overwhelmed us.

‘Walking through the district of JP Nagar, one of the worst hit communities in the gas disaster, we were shocked by the conditions in which the poor families live, still drinking contaminated water. Speaking with Satinath Sarangi (Managing Trustee of the Sambhavna Trust Clinic) we discovered the full magnitude of the tragedy and the inaction of the world’s authorities. After visiting the sick children of the Chingari Rehabilitation centre, our hearts sank and we felt entwined with the cause of Bhopal. Forever.

‘After publishing two articles we came back a second time to continue supporting the fight, and a selection of photographs from both travels has now been complied into a charity calendar designed to benefit the Bhopal Medical Appeal.’ 

Jordi i Montse

Montse Argerich Oró. A photographer and visual poet, she fights for womens’ rights throughout her personal work. Has published articles about the Bhopal tragedy, widows of India, life in the Moroccan desert and has travelled behind the scenes of the Cirque du Soleil. An experimental artist, she shows her creative work in exhibitions, books and newspapers. She also works as a studio photographer, playing with newborns, children and families and is the winner of numerous photographic prizes.

Jordi Ferrando i Arrufat. Photographer, writer and visual teacher. He organises photographic travels around the world, from trekking in the Himalayas to a journey through Southeast Asia, always taking care to respect local people and culture. He has published articles across different media and was the protagonist behind a television program dedicated to mountain photography. He has worked with Nikon School Travel Italia, Lonely Planet Magazine and many Catalan newspapers.

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We believe Dow & DuPont must finally accept responsibility for Bhopal. Until then, The Bhopal Medical Appeal funds two award-winning clinics in the city. Both offer free, first-class care to victims of the gas disaster or the ongoing water contamination. The survivors have nowhere else left to turn – please help if you can.