Monthly Archives: April 2012

Launch of Greenwash Gold 2012 Campaign

April 16th marked the 100 day countdown to the start of the London Olympics: 100 days for some of the world’s most disreputable corporations – such as Dow,  Rio Tinto and BP – to keep using the Olympics as a smokescreen for environmental and human rights abuses the world over. The list of Olympic Sponsors […]

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Bhopal Resolution Passed at the Global Green Conference, Dakar

The Global Green Congress 2012 at Dakar, Senegal passed the Bhopal Resolution with unanimous vote on 1st April 2012. There was a 100% vote passed on the resolution. Green party representatives from around the world came together to ensure justice for Bhopal under a ‘polluter pays’ principle. They further agreed to hold Union Carbide and […]

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"As an example of a holistic, environmentally-sound, community-focused and patient-centred approach to healthcare, the Sambhavna Clinic is way ahead of anything I have ever visited or worked in, anywhere in the world."

Dr John Hurst, Senior Lecturer, Honorary Consultant, UCL Medical School / Royal Free Hampstead NHS, London